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One Bearbon, One Scotch and One Beer – Week 9

One Bearbon, One Scotch and One Beer – Week 9

Alvin Kamara does not run over the Bears but they still lose.  Let’s drink and see if it makes us feel better.

Each week, I’m serving One Bearbon for the best thing I saw during the week, preferably smooth with a nice finish.  One Scotch that burns the back of the throat but doesn’t stop you from loving it.  We’ll then raise a beer to a player, play, incident or whatever else I feel deserved it.  Lastly, I’ll leave you with a song from the Jukebox.

We had an all too rare flash of what Mooney can do for the offense.  He looked dangerous on several of his catches finishing with 82 yards on 5 catches.  Foreman had almost identical production with 83 yards on 20 carries.  Foreman has made a pretty strong case for a role when Herbert and Roschon are at full strength.  Our Bearbon this week has to go to a guy I’ve criticized in the past, Cole Kmet.  His spectacular catch on the first TD deserved it on his own but he added another.  A full pour of Benchmark for number 85. 

Writing anything about Velus Jones’ poor play is almost as big a waste of resources as the continued insistence by the coaching staff to design plays for him.  At this point the defense is fully dependent on opponent errors to make any stops.  Sweat had some close calls but once again the Bears added nothing to their last in the league sack total.  For the second week in a row, we drink a strong scotch in concern for penalties.  From the offensive line starters, only Teven had no penalties accepted against him.  Patrick even doubled up for the second week in a row. Giving opponents half a field for free every week just doesn’t happen with well coached teams.  A small pour of Bruichladdich for all of us. 

It’s easy to not enjoy watching this team.  There are players though that just remind you how fun football can be.  Teven Jenkins is one of those guys for me.  He’s just a nasty guy who enjoys burying his guy.  We raise a Toppling Goliath Mornin’ Delight, a Kansas beer in honor of a fine Kansas boy.  

I am not one of those fans that cheer for the tank.  In a strange circumstance, tank and no-tank fans come together next week to cheer for a win over the Panthers.  They are looking good for a top 2 pick and another loss will certainly help.  I leave you in the capable psychedelic hands of Clapton.