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One Bearbon, One Scotch and One Beer – Week 11

One Bearbon, One Scotch and One Beer – Week 11
Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields rushes during the first half of an NFL football game against the Detroit Lions, Sunday, Nov. 19, 2023, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Duane Burleson)

The Bears blow a game they led by 12 with under 4:30 left.  We drink to try to feel better.

Every week, I’m serving one Bearbon for the best thing I saw during the week, preferably smooth with a nice finish. One Scotch that burns the back of the throat but doesn’t stop you from loving it.  We’ll then raise a beer to a player, play, incident, or whatever else I feel deserves it.  Lastly, I’ll leave you with a song from the Jukebox.

Using Foreman at the goal line and Roschon getting into the mix gave me some hope that the coaches plan to use all the guys in the RB room as assets. Fields getting over the 100-mark rushing is encouraging.  This week’s Bearbon is for the Fields to Moore connection.  They connected for 96 yards but that’s not the headline.  They not having lost a step and Fields making a main eventer throw on their TD is the story.  Raise your heavenly smoky brown potion to them both. 

I believe the game has left Coach Eberflus behind.  I got the stopwatch out on Sanborn’s sack.  It took him 2.45 undisturbed seconds to touch the QB starting 5 yards from the line.  With the league average snap to throw time down below 3 seconds, this is no way to success in the NFL.  Another example is the 2nd and 4 play with the Bears up 26 – 14.  The CB’s play 10 yards off the receivers and keep dropping deeper.  Goff completed a pass for three, the LB misses the tackle and the gain is 13.  Next play is a TD.  In what world is that any way to win a game? Additionaly, Eberflus played the same soft coverage at the end of the first half and cost the Bears 7.  Pass me the bottle.  This scotch better burn. 

Mina Kimes from ESPN often says that wins are not a QB stat.  They sure aren’t a RB, CB or linemen stat either.  I’ll drink to this team scoring 26 points on a good team with that monster Hutchinson in the line up.  I would have been thrilled with this performance if it wasn’t for the end.  Even special teams got in on the act forcing a turnover.  Raise an El Churro  (dulce de leche brown ale), a fine Miami beer from where Tyrique went to high school. 

Yes, I blame the coaches for the loss.  In my mind this song is exactly what they’re guilty of doing and the best music video ever made.  Play it loud.  Let it all out.