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One Bearbon, One Scotch, and One Beer – Pre Season Week 2

One Bearbon, One Scotch, and One Beer – Pre Season Week 2

One Bearbon, One Scotch and One Beer – Pre-Season week 2 It’s still preseason so let’s review before we begin, after every game I’m serving one Bearbon for the best thing I saw during the week, preferably smooth with a nice finish. One Scotch that burns the back of the throat but doesn’t stop you from loving it.  We’ll then raise a beer to a player, play, incident, or whatever else I feel deserved it.  Lastly, I’ll leave you with a song from the Jukebox.

Our Bearbon contenders this week included Daurice Fountain who finished with 86 yards receiving.  He looked great giving a poor Colts defender a pretty stutter move for his touchdown in the 4th quarter.  To be fair Peterman’s throw on the same play probably deserves a mention.  It would not be preseason if there wasn’t a player being overhyped on the socials.  This year’s man is Tyson Bagent (who is screaming for a great nickname, by the way).  He drove the offense 92 yards for a touchdown, showing speed on rollouts and on scrambles including the score.  Bagent even showed some accuracy as a thrower while on the run and on a short slant in the red zone.  I’ll raise a Bearbon to him even if I’m not ready to crown him QB2 like a lot of other people.  For me, he has earned some playing time next week and a definite chance to stick around after cuts. 

The scotch burning my throat was not the loss as you might have expected.  Due to where I live, I had to watch the Colts feed.  The commentators made a point of saying that Ehlinger was Mr. August.  Sure enough, he led the Colts to 2 scores in the 4th for the win.  I’m not going to worry about preseason losses.  Tyrique Stevenson committing a terrible penalty and then letting the Colts touchdown go right through his hands on the same drive was a contender.  It was long after the game that the burning began. Tevin Jenkins picked up a leg injury that will keep him out for weeks.  I had high hopes for a great season from him and this is not a great start. 

I debated raising a beer to Bagent but as I said, I don’t expect to much of see him during the regular season.  On the other hand, I do expect to be seeing Roschon Johnson.  I’ve seen enough to believe he’ll be part of the committee in the backfield.  In his limited action this week, he showed decisiveness and an ability to gain yards where none could be expected.  His catch for a nice gain of 11 looked better than most passes out of the backfield that Bears fans have seen in the past few years.  Definitely raising a cold one for the rookie.  Let’s face it this game was not pretty to watch.  In fact, some of it looked a lot like last year’s play with dropped passes, sacks on two consecutive plays, and four special teams penalties (one was offset).  Justin Fields must have been on the sideline thanking his lucky stars he’ll have some help around him.  I’m not an Elton John fan but Justin might be, so hit B17 (for Bagent) on the jukebox.  The Bears are still standing.