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Bears Mailbag 3.0

Bears Mailbag 3.0

Tough tough loss at Green Bay.. sick of losing to those guys. Anyway, Nick Stokes back for another Bears mailbag answering questions from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Q: Why didn’t we use Montgomery more. He was tearing Green Bay a new one when he got the ball. 

A: The Bears offense had 41 total plays. Montgomery got 15 carries, Herbert got 4, and Fields had 8. That’s 27 plays right there. I don’t think there was a way to really get him more carries. If they gave him the ball on 1st and 2nd down every drive. People would be complaining about running the first 2 downs.

Q: Why didn’t Fields throw the ball to Equanimeous when he was wide open? 

A: The way the Quarterback progression works didn’t have his eyes going there. Great QBs still see that and make the play. I don’t think Fields misses that throw again. Via the press conference Equanimeous said that ” it was the first time they ever repped that play even in practice “. With how rough this offense is Fields needs to hit those throws. If this continues to happen, it might be time to sound the alarm. 

Q: Is Kyler Gordon bad ? 

A: No he is not. He’s a rookie, growing pains are going to happen. He does need to work on not biting so hard on the run. His 2nd career game he had to go against Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers probably knows the defense better that Gordon does. I cant wait to see how much Gordon improves by the next time we play Green Bay.