Bears Weekly Mailbag 1.0


I will be doing a Bears weekly mailbag till the end of the season. Answering any and all questions to the best of my ability. Check @MonstersOfMw on Twitter every Thursday during training camp. When the season starts ask questions on Sunday before, during, or after the game.

What do you think of the 3 technique? Who is dominating at this position and why is it so important to the success of the defense

The 3-tech is extremely important in the 4-3 defense. A majority of the time the 3-tech lines up on the weak side of the offense. To determine the weak side of the offense, you look at the offensive line and whatever side the Tight End is not on, is the weak side. This makes it harder for the offense to have an extra blocker. The responsibility of the 3-tech is to drive the Guard or Center into the backfield and cause havoc. If done correctly this results in the offense having to alter its attack mid play. Basically, be an absolute menace and wreak havoc. Justin Jones has stood out to me the most. A name to keep an eye out for the backup role is LaCale London.

Do you think they’ll utilize David Montgomery and Khalil Herbert as a duo in the backfield more this year?

Yes I do, and that has nothing to do with Montgomery’s ability. It has to do with Herbert’s ability. On Fridays practice, I didn’t have an exact count, but it seemed like Herbert was getting the same amount of first team reps as Montgomery. I envision a 60/40 split in Montgomery’s favor. Another name to watch is Trestan Ebner the rookie from Baylor. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Bears had 4 RBs on the game day roster. It would be David Montgomery, Khalil Herbert, Darryton Evans, Trestan Ebner in order of most touches. It’s going to be fun watching this stacked group continue to grow and develop!

Is Justin Fields the answer at QB?

I do believe Justin is the answer at QB. He was in a awful situation last year, with a coach in Matt Nagy that cared more about his scheme than what his players were good at. Justin had “ too long “ of a throwing motion last year. He cleaned that up and got it faster this off-season. Justin had “ bad “ footwork. He worked on that this off-season, he’s not where he needs to be yet, but I have full confidence he will be. Justin has all the tools, the size, the arm, the athletic ability, the mind set, and even the clutch gene. The clutch gene is evident if you watched him at Ohio State, or at the Pittsburg Steelers game. Justin led a game winning drive on Monday Night, with 2:33 on the clock, in Pittsburgh, with the terrible towels waving, and the crowd roaring! Unfortunately the defense blew it so the Bears still lost. I’m excited to see Justin prove the doubters wrong this year.

Why is Justin Fields so attractive?

The arm? The speed? The heart? The smile? So many choices, I’ll say the fact that he’s a 6’3 QB with 4.4 speed and a cannon of an arm.