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Velus Jones Jr. year one breakout

Velus Jones Jr. year one breakout

Today we are breaking down Mr. Velus Jones Jr. The 6-foot 205 pounds wide receiver spent 4 years at USC (redshirted his freshman year) and 3 years at Tennessee. He was able to get another year of eligibility due to the covid exemption rules. With his extra year of college, he worked on route running, football IQ, and getting stronger and faster. 

During the combine I fell in love with him. He looked so jacked and so fast and did pretty well in all the drills. The combine likes to post unofficial 40 times to increase viewers. For example, Chris Olave clocked an unofficial 4.26 WHAT? Velus posted an official time of 4.39.

Velus is also a yards-after-catch machine. He led all of college football a season ago in yards after the catch. He reminds me of Deebo Samuel, but faster. Deebo ran a 4.8 40-yard dash, and Velus ran a 4.31. He will be used a lot like Deebo has been used, a swiss army knife type. He will run the ball, he will catch the ball, and he might even throw the ball on a trick play. The possibilities are endless!

I think Velus is going to break the Bears rookie reception record. That record happens to be 63 receptions and is still held by Matt Forte in 2008. I am expecting Velus to haul in around 75 receptions and 850 yards. I don’t think he is going to be able to break Harlon Hills 1,124 rookie receiving record. 1,100 yards is a lot for a rookie, especially one in a Bears uniform.

For a rookie receiver, you look for a few things. Is he making plays in practice? He has so far. Is he getting mentioned by coaches in interviews? Yes, he has. Is he getting mentioned by his peers in interviews? Yes, he has. Darnell Mooney said in an interview during OTAs ” Velus, man, when he gets the ball, y ‘all are gonna see he can fly. He’s going to be a playmaker for sure for us”. Justin Fields himself had this to say ” Yeah he’s fast, he can make plays, he can catch for sure, he’s a good player”. That’s the type of compliment you want as a rookie heading into your first training camp. 

Velus Jones Jr. 2022 stat projection:

Receptions: 75

Receiving yards: 850

Receiving TDs: 6

Rushing yards: 105

Rushing TDs: 2 

Punt return yards: 275

Punt return TDs: 1 

Kickoff yards: 400

Kickoff TDs: 2