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First Game-By-Game Predictions For The Bears Season

First Game-By-Game Predictions For The Bears Season

After weeks of build up after the announcement of the announcement of when the NFL was announcing the 2022 schedule, we’ve finally made it. The league finally revealed the schedule, and by virtue of last year’s struggles, the Bears will be in a position to play a softer schedule in Year 1 of the Matt Eberflus era. QB Justin Fields will be targeted for a breakout and the defense should hopefully take a step forward with the new staff. Now is a great time for an objective look at what to expect and make some early predictions!

Week 1: vs 49ers

Who even knows who the Niners will be starting at QB? Trey Lance? Jimmy G? Brock Purdy? Will Deebo Samuel be there? So many unknowns with the defending NFC runners up that I feel like the Bears should have the upper hand here. We already know what Justin Fields can do to this defense. Win #1. RECORD: 1-0

Week 2: @ Packers (SNF)

This isn’t a playoff game, so winning at Lambeau won’t be easy. Aaron Rodgers should have a tough time playing this game from prison where he belongs. I’d chalk this up as another win. RECORD: 2-0

Week 3: vs Texans

This one should be fun with Lovie Smith returning to Soldier Field. There are plenty of good memories of the ’06 defense on the TV broadcast as the Bears beat a team early in a bigger rebuild than ours. RECORD: 3-0

Week 4: @ Giants

This is where the Bears defense takes off against Daniel Jones. Rookie Kyler Gordon has his first career interception as the Bears scratch out a low scoring win. RECORD: 4-0

Week 5: @ Vikings

Justin Fields rips apart the team that supposedly wanted to draft him before sticking with Kirk Cousins at the reasonable price of $500M per year. Justin Jefferson quits on Kirk at halftime. RECORD: 5-0

Week 6: vs Washington Semi-Professional Football Team/Commanders (TNF)

Easy winner. The Bears win by so much that Dan Snyder is forced to sell the team. RECORD: 6-0

Week 7: @ Patriots (MNF)

It’s Mac Jones against Justin Fields in a battle of the best QBs in the 2021 draft class. Neither team blows you away with skill position talent but the Bears pull away behind 100+ yards and a TD from David Montgomery. RECORD: 7-0

Week 8: @ Cowboys

By now our confidence is growing. Justin Fields passes for 300+ and runs for 100+ against a weak Dallas defense and the Bears win again. RECORD: 8-0

Week 9: vs Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa is getting benched in this game as the Dolphins finally realize how bad he is. Robert Quinn has 3 sacks. Jaylon Johnson and Kyler Gordon each return an INT for a touchdown. Bears cruise to a 42-0 win. RECORD: 9-0

Week 10: vs Lions

Justin Fields went 1-0 as the starter for Ohio State against Michigan and 1-0 starting against them in 2021 for the Bears. He’s not about to take an L to this team. Just make sure the kneecaps are protected. RECORD: 10-0

Week 11: @ Falcons

I don’t know. Is there anything interesting about the Falcons? Let’s call it a win and move on. RECORD: 11-0

Week 12: @ Jets

This is the toughest test to date as rookie Breece Hall proves unstoppable. He and fellow Iowa State alum David Montgomery each rush for over 200 yards but it’s Montgomery who gets the last laugh with his 5th rushing TD of the game in the final minute being the winner. RECORD: 12-0

Week 13: vs Packers

Aaron Rodgers was going to be released on parole for this game but it’s shown that he wllingly spread a new COVID variant to grandmothers in Green Bay and goes back to jail. Bears win 69-0. RECORD: 13-0

Week 15: vs Eagles

Justin Fields eclipses 4000 passing yards in this game for the 1st such season in Bears history. It’s celebration time in Chicago as the Bears officially clinch the NFC North. RECORD: 14-0

Week 16: vs Bills

Pundits agree before the game that this is a Super Bowl preview. It’s a Bear Weather kind of Christmas Eve in Chicago as Justin Fields runs for 2 scores and the Bears defense shuts down Josh Allen to win 17-10. RECORD: 15-0

Week 17: @ Lions

Detroit will put up a great fight at home, but in Lions fashion somehow lose on a triple doink FG that the Velus Jones Jr. picks up and runs back for a game winning touchdown on the last play. RECORD: 16-0

Week 18: vs Vikings

We’re resting starters here after Justin Fields essentially locks up the league MVP award, but just as the Bears did in 2018, they win on the road anyway to knock the Vikings out of the playoffs. RECORD: 17-0

Again, this is an early objective look at a rebuilding team. There’s a lot to like here. The Bears will be back.