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DECKER: Can We Stop Ragging On Ryan Poles (For Now)?

DECKER: Can We Stop Ragging On Ryan Poles (For Now)?

Bears Twitter hit its melting point (again) this weekend. Bears fans clamored for offensive help for Justin Fields for months. However, new GM Ryan Poles had other plans in mind. Twitter exploded after he double-dipped on the defensive side of the ball. Understandably so, many of us were upset the Bears’ front office smoke-screened its fan base. We thought we were getting a shiny new wide receiver or offensive lineman with our two second-round picks; however, it wasn’t in the cards. That said, I have just one thing to ask of my fellow Bears fans…

Can we just calm down and stop ragging on Ryan Poles (for now)?

The Draftermath

I get it. Justin Fields just doesn’t have the supporting cast around him and the Bears desperately need to get the kid some help. After a dull free agency period, many of us naturally thought we’d use those first two picks to pick up some new toys to hopefully pull the Bears’ offense out of the mud. Just like Season 8 of “Game of Thrones”, our expectations were so high that we set ourselves up for disappointment.

While I was hoping we’d land someone like George Pickens, the front office had other plans in mind. Admittedly, I was about three sheets to the wind at a bar crawl with some co-workers on Friday night, so my initial reaction to the first few picks was particularly meat-headed. After months of building myself up that we were going to get a steal at WR, I was not happy when I saw us take two DBs off the board.

When I dried up and thought about it a little more, the first two picks made a whole lot of sense to me. Poles isn’t building this team for this year, he’s building for next. If Fields genuinely is the guy, who he throws to in 2022 isn’t going to matter. For example, Deshaun Watson played out of his mind a few years ago when the Texas were on their way to picking #3 overall. Off-field incidents aside, I’d say he turned out to be a decent QB.


Instead of hauling in a quick double-wide to get us by, Poles is building this house brick-by-brick.

Chicago football is hard-nosed, punch you in the mouth football backboned by elite defense. Poles and Eberflus want a strong, young defensive core for this team. Generally speaking, those types of guys don’t just come out of the woodwork. It takes time and investment.

This division now has Aaron Rodgers, Justin Jefferson, Jameson Williams and Christian Watson. To win, we’re going to have to slow them down. Elite defensive backs are hard to come by; therefore, you have to take them when you can.

Plain and simple, the talent between Gordon and Brisker outweighed that of guys like George Pickens and Alec Pierce. There are some legitimate concerns about Pickens’ health and we don’t know how those interviews actually went. While I liked Alec Pierce, he was a bit of a reach at 39 and 48. The Bears got good value in their picks.

Burners and Big Uglies

Admittedly, I didn’t know much about Velus Jones Jr. When I saw the pick, my first reaction was “who?”. To be honest, I’m still not 100% sold on it; however, I’m not an NFL scout. You can’t deny that the kid can burn. The Bears have sorely missed that kind of speed. You bet your bottom dollar Poles, and possibly even JF1 himself, saw something they liked on film. They wouldn’t have drafted him if they didn’t.

Down the board, I loved Poles’ strategy of throwing darts at the board with his mid-to-late round offensive line picks. Like Pace’s tendency to grab talent in the mid-rounds, hopefully Poles’ secret sauce is evaluating OL prospects. Regardless, when you volume shoot you’re bound to hit eventually. The group of guys we drafted fit the physical, nasty mold Poles has been looking for. This group is about to get a lot tougher.

Ride the (Free Agency) Wave

Let’s not forget, the dude has been on the job for, like, five whole minutes (relatively speaking). We’re not even fully through free agency! Undoubtedly, there will be plenty of cap casualties, camp cuts, and trade candidates that we can round out this roster with.

For example, we can grab guys like Jarvis Landry, Julio Jones, or maybe even Odell Beckham, Jr. on one-year deals at this point. JC Tretter is available for a potential OL pickup. The Eagles cut recent RFA OL Nate Herbig just this week. Indeed, there are guys available now worth kicking the tires on.

As the offseason progresses, there will be more guys looking for jobs. Remember a couple years ago when all-pro Josh Sitton hit the market in the first week of September? Patience is a virtue. Poles has time to fill the holes.

Seriously, Calm Down!

Long story short, we, as a fanbase, need to chill the heck out. Ryan Pace, while with good intent, left this franchise in a bad spot with both salary cap and draft capital. Those problems don’t just fix themselves overnight.

Sure, the Bears probably aren’t going to be good in 2022. However, that primes us up to snag a premier talent like Kayshon Boutte or a top tackle in 2023. Conveniently, the cap space frees up significantly in 2023 as well. All things considered, the Bears are in prime position to make next offseason big.

Who knows, Poles may very well piss this down his leg over time. Certainly, we have every right to be angry if he does. For now, just relax, crack a Miller Lite, and give Poles a fair shake.